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Nick LeForce

Nick LeForce

I never thought of myself as a poet.

Even though I had written poetry for years and printed seven little books of poetry, mainly for family and friends, I still did not think of myself as a Poet . I thought of myself as an NLP Practitioner and trainer, as a Hypnotherapist and Hypnotherapy teacher, as a Life Coach and teacher of coaches.

I’ve read my poems at workshops in China, Malaysia, Australia, Mexico, and across the United States to introduce a training topic, stimulate discussion, or evoke a particular experience. These readings have been well-received and students often request copies of Poems and urge me to publish more formally. Even though reading poetry became my signature, a unique quality in my training, I still did not think of myself as a poet.

Poetry was always the added piece in a training, never the centerpiece. But it was the place I poured my heart and soul. The place where I felt I was most aligned with my mission and most clear in my message.

In January 2012, I stood before a mastermind group and declared, “I am a poet.” I went on to say that poetry is the language of the soul, a language that touches people at the core, and that transforms lives.

That mastermind group gave birth to the Transformational Poet! It has been a long journey to the full realization that poetry, to me, is not just the language of the soul, it is the language of my soul.

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